Sunny Isles Condos Offers Luxury Real Estate in Miami

Located at the center of the turquoise Atlantic Ocean and Intracoastal, in the vicinity of Miami Beach near Aventura, Bal Harbor, is the Sunny Isles. The real estate at Sunny Isles has been almost transformed in the last decade or so. Facing the beach is a lot of high rise buildings which have been sold during this period. The main highlight aside from these buildings are Sunny Isles Condos that have been constructed for the purpose of luxury living which have the most leisurely interiors and are built using the highest quality materials and the most recent technology in the era of real estate.

These Condos have gained lot of popularity due to their individuality and uniqueness. They have the most artistic amenities, the very best of views, amazingly fine finishes, personal elevators with some having access through fingerprints only and independent concierge services. These enviable lineaments project the Sunny Isles Condos as being the precious gems adorning the beaches overlooking the sea. Aside from this the aristocratic dwellers of Condos would be provided with the facilities of the shopping plazas and daily use merchandise shops.

Along with the residential units, there are also commercial spaces that are available for retail and renting. In comparison to the other beach areas such as Florida, the Sunny Isles of Miami has become an even more lucrative spot for the purchase of property because of the availability of such luxurious apartments, high rise structures and sumptuous hotels of Condos. The Condos is littered with dining, shopping and entertainment facilities. Having such luxury and amenities together, the Sunny Isles stands out to be one of the best places for investment in luxurious properties.

According to the latest survey of year 2010, 80% of Sunny Isles Condos have now been sold leaving only 20% of them with the developers unsold till date. These Condos are made newly on excellent geographical locations which makes it their biggest advantage to sell them at suprisingly low prices and because of this, they have been able to capture an important portion of the real estate market in South Beach.

The lower rates and attractive amenities of Miami have been attracting buyers both from local areas and around the world alike. Aside from investment in real estate there’s also options open in the field of renting out properties, getting good resale values on land, development of property sites condominium conversions and sale of commercial blocks. People with their own needs and size of investment are getting interested in this place.

People are also making specific demands like sea view, big balconies, pet accommodations, multiple parking spaces etc. Such customer queries are now handled by estate agents and are hence being addressed based on the requirements.

Sunny Isles Condos are worth investing and a excellent opportunity to invest in real estate. These Sunny Isles Condos are advertised with transparency and style which itself makes this real estate more lucrative for the local as well as the global buyers. The developers are also hiring marketing agencies to promote their newly built luxury Condos which will be ready to move in.

Article by: Montans Meka